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Thread: How big is yours?! (larder fridge)

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    How big is yours?! (larder fridge)


    Hopefully someone can help. Been looking for a fridge to turn in to a larder for some time now. I have found a contact catering retailer who sells secondhand stuff, he has some big mint condition Foster fridges in (1600mm x 600mm x 600mm) but they are around 600 which seems steep for what I want, which will be one used rarely and living in the garage so don't mind if its a bit scuffed etc.

    He has found a Williams one that he cannot shift on to the retail trade as the glass in the front mists up (broken heater element) which doesn't bother me for what I want it for and its about half the price of the others. It is a bit smaller though, measuring internally 1390mm x 580mm wide by apron 650mm deep.

    Would this be big enough to hang a large roe or small fallow?

    I saw the fridge today but its hard to tell without a beast there to compare, I can't say I have ever measured one!

    Anyone got something of a similar size that can report back please? I will be looking at adding the Bushwear conversion kit to put a rail at the top.

    Thanks again guys.

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    Hi Carl, I have a cool game (big red I think the model is), it can get 4 red deer in quite easily , if you go on the website it will give you the internal dimensions to compare to the one your looking at , the footprint of it is surprsingly small , atb arron.

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    I use a converted single drinks chiller which has internal space of 1540x500x470.
    i have had up to a 48kg larder weight fallow in it (although it was an awkward bugger to lift in).
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    I have a double door coke fridge / chiller & hang 3 roe inside , side by side no problem

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    Arron, thats one big fridge you have! I have a mate with the TU7000, although pricey its good. The one I am looking at is around 18cm shorter than the ones shown, and I think a drinks chiller is nearer 160cm too, so I am not too sure if 138cm will suffice? I guess it will do for roe, not sure I'll shoot fallow any time soon but would be good to get the right one first time.

    I cannot find a drinks chiller that is a reasonable price and known to be working for less than 400-450, don't want to gamble on ebay as you never know what you are getting.

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    I have a 2mt x2mt chiller with 6 gambrel a if you have a word with
    Sika Dog he is a air con engineer and he should be able to sort you out

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