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Thread: Anyone Good at Sewing?

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    Question Anyone Good at Sewing?

    After 3 years of continual use my beloved Nomad quadrider smock is finally showing some signs of wear.

    It's the last place I expected but basically it looks like where my rifle sling sits on my right shoulder it has worn through the stitching. The seam is still intact and sealed on the inside but the outer cloth is in danger of coming apart.

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    With the amount of use it has had I don't think it really owes me anything but what would be the best way to repair. Just stitch it back up again? Or maybe reinforce somehow to prevent it happening again?


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    sew it up ,if you saw my normal? shooting trousers you would laugh theres more stitching than cloth ,low crotch high barbed wire gets me everytime, stitch it up while your reading this stuff im writing,!

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    You can return it to nomad for repair and they will do the seems too.......
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Take it to one of those dry cleaning shops they also deal with people who can alter or repair clothes. They reduce all my trouser lengths and rips etc from stretching. Probably only looking at a tenner max and will do a proper job.
    They may even do it for you there and then.

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    Cheers, I'll try Nomad first and see what they say (and how much!) then hunt out a sewing person!

    I had a bad experience with the dry cleaning option once... This is typical of my luck, but there was a cleaners up the road which did alterations and I left my brand spanking new rovince trousers there to get the hems done (they come unfinished/long). Then the following week I was driving past and saw a notice in the window from the receivers saying they had been forced into liquidation and to phone this number to get to the back of the very long queue of creditors

    Luckily two weeks later I drove by and caught one of the former proprietors unlocking the door so I seized the opportunity and managed to get my trousers back!

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    If you go down the Nomad route it will be gone for two or three months as they send the repairs on a slow boat to China.. I have one i can send to you in size L-XL if you need while yours is on holiday?

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    Use the opportunity to install a rifle sling anti-slip detail as part of an overpatch??


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    Invest in a good wife!!!!
    There again? If you think Nomad are expensive, a wife will be %^^^&&%^&OP more!!!!
    Just stitch it up with an anti-slip/wear patch.

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    You could try hilltrek

    they are local to me and I have used them to repair double skinned goretex motorcycle trousers, a digicam goretex which the terrier had chewed at the wrist and all was between 10-30 with seams taped. You could ask them to put a patch of heavy duty material where the sling rubs, I suppose it really depends on if you would be happy with a patch tho as they wouldn't have the nomad material.

    cheers Mick
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    Put some Duck tape on it cammo type lol. or bin

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