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Thread: Back to basics ?

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    Back to basics ?

    I am a complete novice, having only been shooting for about eighteen months, and have always used home made quad sticks. They provide amazingly steady support, but I am beginning to wonder if I am missing the point, if not the target.

    On open ground there is no problem, but in woodland or near hedgerows, especially when moving the sticks to swing the rifle, I often find the legs getting tangled in brambles etc which is annoying and can make for missed opportunities. Apart from the tracking issue, I imagine the same would be true of twin sticks.

    I have just been trying a single stick (not on live targets), and though my accuracy is nowhere near that achieved with quads, I get the impression that with a lot of practice I may be able to gain enough skill to hit the necessary target area on a deer. The benefit in being able to instantly place the stick and change from standing to sitting or kneeling shots would be fantastic, and I would be able to reduce the complication in my stalking equipment, and maybe even become a better shot.

    I know a lot of time and effort has gone into the design and development of twin, triple and quad sticks and they have some huge advantages, so what do you think ? Am I planning a retrograde step, or does simplicity have a future ?


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    Last two shots I took were using the quad sticks as a single by just not opening them!

    No way I could have done and the distance didn't require it

    you can practice releasing the shot as your cross hair passes over the target rather than fighting to hold a steady bead with a single stick

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    Some will see it as a backwards step but not me as you have found progress is not always as good as it's cracked up to be so looking at ways that this has been done before is a good way to go and as you have found out not always as bad as often is suggested.

    Yes the use of the single stick takes a little time to master and if your ever up at Bisley then wander over to the Running Deer range and hope someone is using the single stick. They do run the statics deer comp on a regular basis and the use of a stick of twin sticks is allowed in the standing position.

    As you know practice is the key. Have you considered looking is some of the older Deer Stalking books as I am fairly sure in some of those they cover the use of the Stalking stick as an aiming aid and support.

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    I don't use sticks, but I use a rest when I have one. I shoot offhand and kneeling, sitting if I have time, and rarely will the undergrowth or grass permit prone. Whenever I can, I use the sling.

    In the mountains, I use a long walking stick for balance and saving my knees on steep down hill grades. I use a stick taller than myself, to reduce the chance of whacking myself on the butt of it. These long sticks make a super rest in several positions, by leaning the stick over your shoulder.

    If I can sit, I will brace the stick against something and lay it over my shoulder. If there is nothing to catch the foot of the stick, I cross my ankles and put it there. Then grip the stick with my left hand, open my thumb, and hold the rifle with that. Rock steady, especially when a little winded.

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    Thanks to all for the advice.

    I will carry on with the rimfire practice and see how I get on. I feel sure it will be worth the effort in the long run.


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    hi richard im the same with sticks ,ive tried single ok but not right ,made some twins tried ok but not what i hoped for so its more practise with the twins or get some quads ,im not giveing in, atb doug,

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    Doug, I think quad sticks are great in most situations and have never had a problem with accuracy using them. Do give them a go.
    I'm just trying to simplify my approach and use a very low tech style.


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    im all for low tech,i know its just me! i have shot freehand all the time,no rush or bother when its just for myself,but i know i will have to master the sticks for when i get on paid stalks etc,

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    You have to use a single stick correctly. I was at a loss about them but several including John Kynoch of the BSRC helped me by showing me how to use them when i was a member down there. I am of course out of practice now but a short time practising again should bring me up to speed ................................... almost.

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