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Thread: An eventful Morning with good results

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    An eventful Morning with good results

    I woke this morning to find clear skies and stars with a slight ground frost,
    Sorted the gear, a quick brew and off.
    The aim this morning was to get a Sika hind or the old stag I have been after for most of the season, been close three times before but he really has nine lives this lad.
    He is old but carrying a hell of a body weight with his antlers on one side palmated.
    I arrived at my ground checked the wind and made my way out to my boundary which is a river on this side.
    All the way along the river edge I can spy back across to the wood some 700 yards until it narrows after mile or so up stream where the wood comes down to the river.
    At about half way I could see couple of hinds with calfís feeding so I decided to watch a little while but they were covering ground steady and on the move.
    Almost at the same time to the left a bloody dog fox came into the field some distance off at a steady trot on his way home. Seen him before with Seb, so I got down set up and ready, now this lad was crossing at about 400 yards so a quick peep he stopped looked and started to come, as he was coming in the distance I could see deer jumping out of the wood into the last field to feed. I decided to let Charlie have another day and made my way to see if I could get onto the deer feeding.
    Bit of a crawl then slowly sliding up and over a bank I could see the deer feeding at about 150 yards.
    I waited until they were closer and picked out a hind sent a nosler 150gr homeload, heard a thud then she ran left handed towards me for about 100 yards, then a drunken stagger and over she went.
    The remaining deer followed her then stopped Picked out the one that had been with her at the start and squeezed off an round again thud but this time the hind ran up the field jumped the fence into the wood and started up the banking after a few yards gave up then fell over.
    But to my amazement the rest were still there, they just didnít know where the shots were coming from.
    I could have taken another but enough is enough.
    The old boy didnít show but they are now moving back into there bachelor groups so we will have to see.


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    One lucky Reynard!, some good venison on the deck there! 8)

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    Well done mate 8) . Wish I had Sika on my land

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    Well done Phil,nice write up im sure youll catch up that old stag soon

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    Well done mate.Nice write up

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    Well done phil good write up on a good morning.

    You are a jammy bugger there are not many people who get to watch a Sika run that far and then collapse, \i have only ever seen the buggers disappear into the wood when they run.

    More bloody dragging

    Pull Phil pull......


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    Hi John,
    Frost John frost could get the velicle close so no pull.
    Unlike like Sebs, that was along job the light went with the little man none stop wittering all the way back.

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