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Thread: Holland and Holland Royal or Purdey 12g

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    Holland and Holland Royal or Purdey 12g

    Looking to trade a B25 Custom Browning (its on this site) for a H&H or Purdey, if anyone has one for sale or interested in a trade, please let me know.
    Reason for sale/trade- prefer sbs for game shooting

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    Graham MacKinlay is your man or try Dickson & Mcnaughton..

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    I know someone who trades in quality English guns but I doubt he'd want to swap for a custom browning let me know if you get a sale for that and have cash to spend .

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    Thanks for the info gents much appreciated

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    i have my pair of purdeys for sale .
    but i dont want a px as the cash is going towards a pair of custom krieghoff parcours .

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    Would love a pair but out of my budget, good luck with the sale.

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