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Thread: Alan Rhone

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    Alan Rhone

    Just a simple thank you to Alan Rhone. Never used this company before and came across them after an internet search for some Blaser mounts.
    Purchased a contessa QR mount with a picatinny rail, an exquisitely well made piece of kit from a decent honest firm. Spot on with delivery too, much appreciated.
    Well recommended.



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    I have been looking at those contessa mounts. They do look good.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I also happened to call them for the first time the other day with an enquiry I thought was unsolvable but they had everything I needed and couldn't have been more helpful. Erwin was the chap I spoke to. FYI it's also a contessa rail I'm looking at.

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    met Erwin at the north wales meet on 9th had mounts for us to play with they are the dogs

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    Top company, used them on several occasions.

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    I used them this week to get a cleaning rod and felt patches. Top service and Carole was very nice to talk to.

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    I bought my Aimsport Cyclone Plus moderator off them, very helpful and friendly bunch! Nice piece of kit too to be fair!!

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    I used them earlier this year for a set of Recknagel QD rings, top service.


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    Top service and Erwin a recognised expert gunsmith who fitted my Ziegler mounts to two rifles. Excellent to have him along to talk to us at the recent North Wales 'Talking Stalking' event.

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    Im interested in a quick detachable scope mount after seeing one in the flesh and Erwin,comes across as a gentleman and a very nice guy, i just don't know which one to go for,ziegler i think would look good on the old stuzen.

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