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Thread: Nikon monarch or prostaff

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    Nikon monarch or prostaff

    Hi all. Has anyone had experienced the two Nikon models side by side and what are the main differences apart from price

    Regards Pete

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    I was looking a the 3-8 x 32 monarch or the3-7 x32 prostaff ib particularly.

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    I have a 4-16 x50 Monarch 3 on my 6.5-284 and cannot fault it

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    I have a 2-7x32 ProStaff, an original one with the 75 yards parallax setting, always been very impressed with it, especially considering the cost of them, 6 years ago it was about 80 including shipping and import duty.
    Which is more than I can say for the 2.5-10x42 Monarch I had, which at well over 300 was never as clear or as bright and didn't stay long.


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    I have the prostaff 3-9x50 and 4-12x40 both with the bdc ret and also a monarch ucc 6-20x44 and had a 6-24x50 monarch 3
    For value for money the prostaff are fantastic with very good glass, fixed parallax , I have these on my rimmies as the ret is very handy for a loopy .22,

    I sold my Monrach3 as the UCC has much better glass imo ( I know everyones eyes are different but to me the ucc is much sharper, this has front ao as opposed to the side parallax of the monarc3) One thing I have found is they are very good quality , everything works and moves nicely
    what rifle are you thinking of putting it on ?
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    Its to go on my .22 hornet. I have a 6 x 42 ucc monarch and its great which is why i erring towards another monarch.

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    are you looking for new or secondhand?

    I paid a smidge over 200 for my ucc and just over 100 for each of the prostaffs , all secondhand , if you are using at low light then guessing a 3-9x50 prostaff would be a good option or if stretching the legs of the hornet then the UCC would be a nice option , 6x44 for close range and then higher mag if needed

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    Thanks for the replies. I was looking to buy new but didn't get paid as much extra as i thought today so that may have made the choice for me. Prostaff it will be unless i can find a monarch ucc second hand

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