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Thread: sprayed off

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    sprayed off

    The rape has been sprayed off around here today so it's combine time in 10 days. Can't wait.
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    Already cutting around my way, big time

    lovely bit of rabbiting and foxing coming up.


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    still waiting for the call!

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    one of the local farms has started harvesting the rape but none of my permissions shouldnt be long though

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    stubbles here are blue with piggins but as above not my permission.frustrating though watching all that pie filling feeding

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    seen so wheat harvested in Devon last weekend , pigeons on wheat and rape due to be harvested next week ,looks like Sponsor a cartridge company day, is about to happen.

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    I've just had a delivery of 1000 cartridges ready to hit the pigeon, they are starting to flatten the wheat on one farm, though I was surprised when the cartridges turned up, as the farmer ordered them, a hint maybe ?
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    The farmer I shoot for cut and ploughed in his rape this week so no stubble!! Although I don't do much pigeon shooting I was gonna give it a go this year too!!
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    Saw barley being cut last night, no rape being cut around me as yet but looks very ripe.


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    Probably be another six weeks before the combines come out here

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