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Thread: Nearly lost one the other night.

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    Nearly lost one the other night.

    I've a 10 month old GSD as part of the pack. We nearly lost her on Tuesday. She's recently had her first season, which I thought lasted a bit longer than usual but she had no funny discharge or anything else amis though.

    Anyway, after this she seemed a bit off her normal bouncy self, so I thought I'd worm her but for the past week she'd been getting steadily worse. I then thought maybe it's the worming tablets that upset her as she's had no other obvious symptoms, just not herself.

    This Tuesday I took them for their usual walk and noticed flies taking an unusual interest in her! I couldn't get home quick enough then and got her into the vets straight away. The vet knew what it was almost immediately and after a brief ultrasound scan confirmed it as a "Closed Pyometra" which is pretty damn nasty and really unusual in such a young dog.

    They operated on her that evening and gave her a full hysterectomy. Her uterus had burst and she was in a right state but the operation went well. The vet said she wouldn't have lasted another day with the blood poisoning. I collected her an hour later, as they had no one to nurse her overnight. She'd be better off in her own home anyway. I stayed up with her and kipped on the sofa.

    48 hours later and she's almost her own cheeky, bouncy, self again! The hardest job is keeping her quiet to keep her stitches intact!

    I'll never cease to be amazed at the recuperative powers of an animal, I'd have been on my back and milking it for weeks after such a major op!

    Anyway, fingers crossed for her!

    Oops, maybe this should have gone in "vets corner", sorry!
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    Cheers Ted.

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    Not good Tedster,hope she's ok....scary time
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    Thanks mate! Aye, scarey stuff for sure!
    Cheers Ted.

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    What was the significance of the flies? I would have a dead dog in your position. Well done and good luck to her!
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    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shabz View Post
    What was the significance of the flies? I would have a dead dog in your position. Well done and good luck to her!
    They could smell the bit that was rotten, which is handy when there's no external evidence!

    Thanks for your good wishes, she's pretty much herself again now.
    Cheers Ted.

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    it's amazing how flys can tell there is something wrong with a animal. had a calf born Saturday, Sunday morning noticed some fly blow around the navel, cleaned it up put on fly spray, flys bothering it yesterday , today the calf went blind, and going down hill quickly.

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    My first Lab had Pyometra when she was about 6. Woke up one bank holiday Monday went outside called the dog, and she never came out of her kennel. Looked inside and she was curled up, and unable to even lift her head. Got her to emergency vets, who like yours, pretty much knew what it was straight away. Picked her up next day, and she was miles better. We was due to go out on a family outing on that day, and vet said, if I hadn't checked in her that morning, she would probably have been dead by the time we got home! If your not going to breed a bitch, it's probably a good idea to spay them, to help prevent this. Think bitches that have had a litter are less likely to get this. Also think you was very unlucky to get this in such a young bitch.

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    It's about the only time flies are useful, sorry about your calf Taff.

    It's a nasty thing to happen to a dog Beretta C, glad yours pulled through ok! My vet had seen it once before on the first season also in a GSD. It's a shame as we probably would have let her have a litter in a couple of years.

    Not to worry I'd sooner have the dog and I'm counting myself lucky that we still have.
    Cheers Ted.

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    You was unlucky Ted, one things for sure, she won't get it again! Think you'll have an extra special bond now mate. Enjoy many years to come.

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    Thanks mate!
    Cheers Ted.

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