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Thread: Swarovski z6i 5-30 x.50 gen 1 what's it worth?

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    Swarovski z6i 5-30 x.50 gen 1 what's it worth?

    I have the one of these scopes and am considering selling it to fund another rifle,
    what do the scopes go for?

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    Forgot to say it has BT's and I have a Swarovski flip up lense over that I would sell with it.

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    It should be worth anything from 1100 to 1400 depending on condition and if it's box with paper etc

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    Yeah it's in mint condition with everything that came with it. Thanks

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    got a 5-30x50 br inc new covers 1025 ,g1 z6i so bt add 100 ish . 1150 easy,

    but saying that i got a new boxed z6i g2 3-18x50 bt on ebay 1300 boxed with plastic wrapping still on it, its well under a year old and it was a uk import

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