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    Web browsers

    Looking for a new web browser as i am fed up of firefox.

    Any recommendations? I had heard opera was quite decent



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    opera is good it is fast to i use it on my mobile as it so much better than the normal inbuilt browser even the wii on line uses that now

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    Google chrome works well and no unwelcome intrusions unlike explorer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Curlew
    What's wrong with Firefox?
    Had enough of it. It keeps failing to open applications, not closing properly, not opening properly so fancy something new.

    I have taken it off and reinstalled it on ocassions to see if this fixes it but it has not. Java etc is enabled and updated so it cant be this and internet explorer works fine with none of these issues either.

    I have installed opera so will try it out over the next few days and see if i like it.

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