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Thread: nice evening looking for a buck

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    nice evening looking for a buck

    hi chaps

    yesterday was just one of them days where you really didn't want to be at work i was clock watching as soon as i got i thought the day would never end....

    well it did and that was me.. straight in the car to sit in the middle of nowhere and just chilllllllll.....

    i had gone to a patch where they have a few to many deer around at the minuet in the hope i would catch a buck..

    when i got there i was met with grass up to me nuts i was a tad disappointed as i thought it would have been cut but never mind. i pressed on and a few hours passed and only spotting doe,s i was beginning to think it was just not meant to be today ....then in the field stood a lovely buck and three does but unfortunately not my field i watch them for a while making there way across in my direction i good few 100 yards out i decided to stalk in and gain some yards .

    i had made it to a field that had been cut that day with laying grass bonus i thought as now i could see them getting closer within 5 minuets a doe was in the field with me she had crossed over the hedge and was now in plain view two seconds later another doe i new the buck would not be far behind soi i got the rifle on the sticks and got into position...... would you believe it he came out dead 90 degrees to my left i was already facing the wrong way i lifted the gun up of the sticks and slowly turned he was only 30 yards away looking right at me i took a free had shot to the neck and down he went...

    it was a very hot and sweaty hike back with the deer sack but worth every minuet of it i was so pleased with him stunning condition bright orange coat heavy full bodied buck.....

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    one of the rack a very nice wall mount

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    many thanks andy...

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    Nice buck. Congratulations.

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    Lovely buck...well done !

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    Nice buck well done.

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    Roe bucks and the smell of cut hay go hand in hand i think .Roll on the forthcoming rut .

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    thanks for comments chaps... just going to start the clean up on the skull.. il post when sorted ... ta

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    sorted him now he has come out lovely and will be heading to the wall of fame in my

    screen capture windows

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