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Thread: Best primers?

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    Best primers?

    Guys, I load .243 and .308 and I have been using Magtech primers, well I had 1000 of them but they are about run out now, so what primers do you find best and is there really that much difference?

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    CCI's for me in all sizes, Remingtons (the brass coloured ones) tended to give misfires.

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    Another for CCI.

    Tried federal recently in 22-250 and had alot of smoke, put cci in and smoke gone?

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    i use remmington 9 1/2 to good attect i also have some cci but i only use them as a back up if i run out ! :

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    Well I started with Winchester, didn't like CCI much back then then used Federal 210 about 4 years ago couldn't get WLR for love nor money so switched to Remington 9 1/2's and of course they got difficult to get so I am now using CCI again .

    All I can really say is find otu what you can get a reliable supply of and work with them Which reminds me I had better see about getting another 1000 box of CCI's I like to keep planty in stock and my current box is about half full now.

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    Thanks for the help guys.

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    I wanted to buy CCI BR primers because that was what my reloading mentor had me using. They worked, not being scientific about reloading, all I can say is they did the job.

    When I came to buy my kit I could not source CCI BR LR anywhere, so i bought Federal LR BR ones. At about 3.5 pence each, I bought a 1000 so they will last me a while. I had check my loads, but it seemed to make little, if any, difference in accuracy.


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    I'd really hard to judge what will be good. Years ago I substituted Winchester for the Remington primers I was using and had my groups open up. Back to Remington and the groups shrunk. My buddy got had a rifle in the same caliber and, using the same brass, powder and bullets, got the opposite results.

    You just need to try one and then another. Settle on what works.~Muir

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    I'd agree with Muir. It's not so much a case of what's good but what works in a given rifle.

    I generally have used Federal for years but during the last few months prompted by advice from Mike Norris I have undertaken a series of primer tests and loaded a batches cartridges of the same load but with different primers. If you try it I think you'll be amazed. So far performing the test in .25-06 and .300WSM has yielded significant differences in accuracy. I now have batches loaded up with my favourite loads in .243 and .308 to try when I next get down to the range.



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    I used to shoot comps including practical rifle, etc and would only ever use Federal - even if i had to drive an extra 50miles for them. However the rumour-mill started whipering 'CCI Magnums'.

    So, same powder, load, bullets, brass etc and substituted federals for the magnums and the groups shrunk noticably. Primers are cheaper and easier to get so happy all round.

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