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Thread: 2014 Grain harvest has started

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    2014 Grain harvest has started

    I see from some posts that OSR is underway but last night between Tetbury and Malmesbury they were combining, big trailer of grain coming out and it wasn't rape so must have been barley. Thats v early for our area, I expect OSR might be coming off next week so decoys will need to be found.


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    Mate of mine was combining barley yesterday.....and we're up north!!
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    Grain harvesting already underway in Southern Ireland earlier this week.

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    Nothing much happening around here harvesting wise. Sooner I can lamp the stubbles the better!

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    nowt here yet i asked on the shoot and he said m,be next week,so fingers crossed,

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    Combines going in east fife as we speak !

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    Combine going in Angus winter barley being cut today

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    Opening up OSR fields in Kent on Thursday but rain today has stopped play

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    Ours is happening in a week or so, then it's pigeon time on the stubble...

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    I could hear a combine doing it's thing this afternoon - I'd imagine that most of the barley around here will be a couple of weeks yet though.

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