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Thread: Does anyone have any experience with lab/GWP crosses?

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    Does anyone have any experience with lab/GWP crosses?

    I'm looking for a new dog (my first gundog) and have been leaning towards a labrador, but hear a lot of good things about some of the HPR breeds. Looking around there seem to be a few lab/GWP crosses for sale in my area, and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with crosses of this type?

    Are they likely to be the best of both worlds, or best avoided?


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    could be either - best of both or best of none.

    Two very different hunting styles.

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    Wrens mews on here recently advertised a litter for sale a pm will be worth sending I'm sure.

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    I've got one, but she's only 15 weeks so I can't say much. As pups go she's as bright as they come, picks things up really easy, remembers things you wouldn't expect her to. She LOVES to retrieve, definitely has that instinct very strongly, although she has had some very limited tracking games with a dragged piece of skin and got the idea of that pretty easily too. Throwing a toy for her into rough grass or hiding it under a bush she instinctively starts to sniff and hunt around when she gets close. She gets visibly excited when she's on a scent/track.
    I'm by no means a dog expert and haven't the need for a "professional" dog, but I'm happy with her so far and she cost me a lot less than either parent's pure bred offspring would have.
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    They are probably best suited to open country, very popular with hill keepers more stamina than a lab able to keep going all day in a beating line on a Grouse day
    no hard and fast rule but they tend to be better picker ups than a pure GXP , in general they don"t seem to be quite as head strong as a pure GXP either.

    Seem to have an inbred dislike of Nasty"s, will pursue and tackle anything from stoats to foxes an added bonus for a keeper

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    Sounds good so far guys! Thanks for the replies.

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    Mmmm this is interesting sounds like the sort of thing I'd be after as a 1st dog!! Any pics of yours Simon? Preferably with added ahhhh factor for the Mrs!!
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    Stratts I've just purchased another dachshund if could put the.picture up on here I would she certainly has the wow factor and would change any womans mind

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    Seen a couple of these lab x gwp in my area & impressed ... Bonny looking dogs & all good reports from happy owners

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    I've just been out looking at a litter of these. Lovely pups!

    This is the one we're thinking about. Click image for larger version. 

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