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Thread: Variations to FAC

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    Variations to FAC

    Five weeks ago applied for one off one on variation,not even an acknowledgement received. The Licensing Dept is run by Group 4 which is a little worrying in itself as I don't really like all my details and those of all FAC holders in the county in private hands! When living North of the Border just went in and got it done within one hour dependent on how busy the typist was. Hope I get it back before the rut really gets going because I need ammo.
    Anyone else having these problems?

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    I don't send mine in. It can all be done via email and then once the new one is ready you can go and swap it over in person. So long as you are prepared to some homework (read up on the legislation, home office guidance find out how things work) and politely dig your heels then you can get a lot sorted. I'm not advocating trouble making of course.

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    Just done a variation for a bigger calibre with A&S sent Friday back the following Friday sorted.

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    im still waiting only 8 days so far

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    Applied for variation, .243, .17hmr, .22 , complete with each mod, on Tuesday, arrived this morning. Well done Northumbria.

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    Just had mine back from A&S, two additions with mods, two weeks to from the day of posting excellent service.

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    Anyone else living within Lincs FLD area experiencing a delay?

    Good news from other parts, but I think this was the purpose of the OP's query.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
    Just done a variation for a bigger calibre with A&S sent Friday back the following Friday sorted.
    took mine down on monday evening to a/s for 17hmr variation,picked it up the folliwing tuesday.morning.bought a cz455 that afternoon.out sat nite shot 14 rabbits in a hour ,very pleased with new rifle.atb ade

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    My last variation for .17hmr swap for .22rf and .303 added took 5+ weeks in Notts !

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    Sent mine into leicester police on Monday late, had a phone call on Wednesday morning to ask why I wanted 3 more rifles. Cert arrived sat morning A* service

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