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Thread: Daddy bringing home supper !

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    Daddy bringing home supper !

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    Hi guys was out lamping last night and came across 3cubs at the edge of a wood ! They were all dealt with swiftly with 87grain vmax home load. We want to another field had a look , nothing then went back to the first one. We caught a glimpse of another set of eyes and a nailed this dog fox 220 yards away. When I went to collect him he had 5 voles in his mouth and a gregs paper bag !! I originally thought he had picked it up by accident until I opened the the bag and there were half a sausage roll hahah !! Just shows how varied CUBS and foxs diets are.

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    Varied EH!, deffo agreement on that!, nailed one with Mike one night, had him in the bino's & I reckoned he had a white hen in his jaws, when I splashed him , it turned out to be a big block of white cheese!
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