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Thread: Axelle Despiegelaere axed by L'Oreal over Oryx

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    Axelle Despiegelaere axed by L'Oreal over Oryx

    Somehow this makes me really irate! Its a darn Antelope!!

    There was some understanding when Melissa Bachmann was criticized for posing with a dead lion with an orangina tan last year causing a career setback....but this is simply outrageous!

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    If you scroll down it says gemsbok antelope under the picture

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    My apologies smart A.....for forgetting the word gazella after Oryx! My aging eyes were focusing on the chick, don't get that kind of doe on the UK deer stalking circuit.
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    She needs to get herself a slot on a shooting channel.

    Less hypocrisy there.
    "Docendo discimus" - Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC – 65 AD)
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    How dare she not live on lettuce leaves,fags n coffee like all them other stick insects.a real person with a life ,cant be a model

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    Who are "L'Oreal" ? And why do they have this negative attitude to a young lady whose interests appear to be football and shooting?

    atb Tim

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    Probably feel threatened by a woman /women in general ,doing anything other than fluttering there eyelashes.
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    their french,nuff said ,vinegar drinking surrender monkeys

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    Do you think it would help her feel better if I offered to take her for a free stalk ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick100 View Post
    Do you think it would help her feel better if I offered to take her for a free stalk ?
    I think she would love to go stalking with you

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