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Thread: Tips on Roe Buck calling (Nordik Roe)

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    Tips on Roe Buck calling (Nordik Roe)

    This video is all about how I call roe bucks. I talk about different calls, sounds and techniques. The call I use is the Nordik roe call from the swedish company Nordik Predator. I am no expert at calling but here I show some of the skills I have learnt.

    Check out my website Brent Norbury | Hunting Blog to see my hunting blog and my artwork.

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    Sorry Brent not that impressed mate I never saw one deer called in the vid and I have never heard one roe deer make they sound in all the years I have been stalking. Maybe something was lost in the transition from you to Youtube.

    Now this is the sound

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    Hi Brent, used one Nordik caller last week called five doe in. Exellant piece of kit. dos not matter what it sounds like to us. It just works.

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    Sorry bret i am with 6 pointer on this, the calls were not that impressive to me. Some sounded like better duck calls

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    Everyone has there own opinion but this works. I have called a lot of bucks with this call. The creator of the nordik roe call is a good friend of mine who has taught me how to do it right. He is a wildlife biologist who has worked with roe deer all his life. Watch the videos below

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    thats it for me im definatly gona go to the dentist for some teeth this week

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    I have used it alot and it seems to carry further then other calls. But its worth carrying at least 2 different callers, sometimes one will work and another wont.

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    No expert caller but I call in dozens every rut.
    But this tip is worth knowing.

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    Some amazing videos on here yorkshireroestalking! I had my first Roe rut this year and called in 2 bucks for a friend - exceptionally exciting!

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