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    Has anyone used them, I came across their website while searching for schmidt scopes.
    A zenith 3-12x50 illuminated is advertised for 891.33 which is a major discount from the usual 1390.
    Not sure if these are grey imports or are meant to be wholesale prices but it seems too good to be true.
    One of our members must have had dealings with them in the past and may be able to clarify if this company really is as good as it advertises on prices

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    I was looking through their Web Site last week, thinking of a
    S&B 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Flash Dot, I to was gob smacked at their prices.

    I now have them in "My Favorites", and will no doubt be the place I buy from when wanting shooting accessories, it's everything, cheep, my binos are 400 cheeper on here, wish I'd come accross their site a couple of years ago.


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    Back to dreaming boys
    I tried the phone no. no incoming calls

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    There must be a mistake somewhere as they are advertising them cheaper than the trade price!!
    Does anybody know of anybody that has had one off of them for the prices advertised ?

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    Don't get too excited lads...they closed for business several YEARS ago!

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