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Thread: Shot the CZ 204 Ruger tonight.

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    Shot the CZ 204 Ruger tonight.

    I abandoned my usual new rifle barrel run-in regimen (fire 50 consecutive rounds and toss the rifle in the back of the Jeep) tonight and just got it rough sighted in so that my girl friend can do the final adjust. Fired ten rounds to get it close and these were the final windage adjustments i made. These were shot with a fore-end rest and the butt held to the shoulder with a small roll under my back wrist. The load was a 40 grain VM over Varget with a Remington 7.5 primer. Bullet seated with the parallel sides of the bullet to the base of the neck in FL resized cases and crimped. Seems to show promise. Now she has 25 rounds to get it zeroed to her eyes, and do some practice before we head out to shoot some prairedogs.~Muir

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    Looks like you have a shooter there alright........prairedogs are in for it

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    So it shoots like a CZ then


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    Seems to want to shoot, doesn't it? Looking through the scope last night I was a little disappointed until i realized that the circle was an inch across. The first two groups measured .5 inches. The last, .58 inches. This is just as good as I can shoot under those circumstances. Today I'll let my Lady have fun with the remaining 25 rounds. Tomorrow I up the charge a half grain and go back to the range. I'm convinced the 40 grain will be superior to the 32's other guys in the Soap Creek Prairiedog Association tout for their twenties; especially if I can get it up to a decent speed, say, 3600 fps. We have a Meet coming up in a few weeks and my girl friend was has been granted the OK to come along for a day. I want her to have a good showing.~Muir

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    Try 39 grn sierra they are usually better than the 40 grn

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    Try 39 grn sierra they are usually better than the 40 grn
    I looked at Sierra 39 grain Blitz but at twice the price of the Hornady I decided to let them lie where they were. I'll keep your advice under my hat though, thanks!~Muir

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    I upped the charge and it's still grouping a half inch. I will say that 3 or 4 of those are in the .2 to .3 class but.... I think it will take a better shooter to get that gun's accuracy really divined.~Muir

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    Muir. What's Your thoughts on the 204 as a mid to long range foxing calibre

    I use the WMR out to a 100. 30 grn BT And 6.5 x55 120 grn BT after that at the moment I keep coming back to the 204 for an alternative as a good all round mid to long range dedicated foxing rifle. Bullet weight fits in with what I like for foxing, I've never shot a 204, who makes this calibre rifle, given all my rifles except one are sako



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    I don't hunt fox, and I've only had the 204 out on these few occasions to the range, but I am well familiar with it. Many of my friends hunt coyote with it and swear by it. Most shots are under 300 yards because they call them in. With that recommendation, and knowing our coyote, I'm guessing it would be fine for fox.

    My rifle is a CZ 527 Varmint but many other companies sell 204's.~Muir

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