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Thread: night liscence type query.

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    night liscence type query.

    On one of my permissions, a golf course i control the Roe,as normal in season etc. the owner now insists i shoot everything that moves and wants me to lamp them as well. when lamping for fox i see Roe . can i shoot using his written permission or do i need Fc, SNH type permission for night shooting.

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    You would have to apply to SNH for night/ out of season shooting. it is normaly only given to protect crops or in sensive areas.

    you will just have to go out more ofter in the winter and make some diffrence on the does.

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    I'm sure someone will be along in a min to give u a full answer or link to the proper wording.

    But basically u must be on Fit and Competant register (usually need dsc2 but not always) and will need access to a 'trained'deer dog and use a rifle off min calibre .270ish (i think) also need a special licence granted by SNH (if in Scotland) who might have to come out and evualate damage, numbers etc. Also even if u are granted a licence at this time of year u cannot shoot the does, need a special out of season licence which is not granted tll later on in year

    Are they causing a lot of damage??
    The problem u will always have with a golfy is not u will always have deer moving in no matter how many u shoot, nice short fresh grass and no stock plus small clumps of cover, roe heaven

    I see david has got the right link
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    What damage do roe do to a golf course... maybe eating lost Pringle cardies??
    SNH only issue night licences to protect woodland and not until October (i think).

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    Can't see the justification for a night license for roe on a golf course.

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    Golf courses are public place in the main. Safety concerns will not allow night shooting.

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    more crap weather/winter and very early mornings outings i think to dodge the checked jumpers!
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    Night lisence lol, is plenty of night stalkers around, the lisence stuff is bullshxt, how many hundreds of roe habit this golf coarse, alot use nv and thermal imagers these days so the lamp doesnt give them away.

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    Maybe so, but lamp is legal if you have the license, NV thermal image etc are all illegal license or not.

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