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    HI TOWER posted a thread which i thought was interesting
    could some guides out there give me some info on medal roe heads
    what sort of price as a ball park figure would it cost to shoot and what do they have to weight to qualify?

    bronze, silver , gold, also what is the cost as to verify the heads and cost of the medals and where do the medals come from?
    cheers jew'y

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    have a look on the cic web site that will tell you all about weights of skulls and what bracket it might drop into but as it states this is only a rough guide
    bronze 365gram
    silver 420gram
    gold 500gr
    this is based on a short nose cut skull
    when i had a head measured last year it cost me 15 to be measured and 15 for the actuall medal as for the price of shooting the buck i wouldnt have a clue at a guess a lot

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    thanks for the reply s/lamp/alot . that just about covers everything i wanted to know thanks again.

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