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Thread: Roe in heather habitat

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    Roe in heather habitat


    Not sure if this is the correct section to post in, apologies if not.

    I'm a new forum member here. Forum members and good friend TerryC suggested I join. By way of introduction, I'm a wildlife photographer specialising in the wildlife of the British Isles and the North (bears, wolves, eagles that sort of thing). Most of my work I shoot for editorial and I'm a regular contributor to BBC Wildlife.

    You our can view my images at

    I'm working on a long term book project on Roe deer. It's pretty ambitious, taking in their ecology, behaviour and issues surrounding them.

    I understand deer management and hunting (being a country person born and bred) and am including chapters on this in my book. I'm also a meat eater and know where it comes from!

    Also for the book I am hoping to photograph Roe in all of the varied habitats they live in. As part of this I am looking for a reliable site to photograph Roe in purple heather and am hoping someone might be able to help me out next month. I've looked at Arne for the last two years but Roe are few and far between what with the dominant Sika population.

    If there are any forum members that can help, I'd really appreciate it. If you just want to PM me..

    Cheers guys!

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    Cheers Craig, you're a star

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    Had a look at your website very very good
    We do get roe out on the heather but not often.
    A roe on bell heather would be a great photo, good luck
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    i watched a roe doe calling and feeding a kid on heather 2 weeks ago, nice sight to see, shot a sika stag about 150 yds from them and when i looked over the both of them had lay down, a few evenings later she was still there with her kid about 200 yds further up the glen

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