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Thread: S&b, meopta or karl kaps

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    S&b, meopta or karl kaps

    Look to buy a new scope at the CLA for the sole purpose or stalking boar (using the moon light) and deer so looking for something with 50-56mm lens any suggestions ?

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    56, low mag with IR. Any of the above are good makes. I would go for a used one or give Macleods of Tain a call and see what they have in.

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    Have a few S&B, and had a Kaps. The Kaps was one of the nicest stalking scopes I ever used. Easier on the eye than S&B.
    Great at low light. The old classic range of S&B is not bad either, Zeniths are good but very heavy.
    Have no experience with Meopta.

    I only sold the Kaps because they don't do a proper bdc turret.

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    S&B 8x56 30mm tube I have shot Foxes at my feeding station in Full moon without lamp.


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    ive owned both meopta and s+b and both are very good i think that the schmidts do let a little more light in than the meopta but not by a lot and if it were my money i would actually go for the meopta especialy if your buying new

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    Thanks for your veiws so far ive got around a grand to spend so any other scopes you can think of in that price range

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    I'd go with either a zeiss or s&b. I have both and would say the s&b is better at low light.
    I have a Kaps too and can't knock it. Especially for the £75 I paid for it.

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    Have a look at MINOX... Schott glass and great value
    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
    "You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life."
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    Id go S&B 2.5x10x56 illuminated. Perfect for the job. You can wind the mag right down. Had them at the bottom of the ladder before!!!
    Atb Steve

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    8x56 Docter might be worth your consideration as well.

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