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Thread: wild 7mm remi mag

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    wild 7mm remi mag

    My mate has a new 7mm remi mag. It seemed to be grouping ok with Federal. Then it wasnt. We used it yesterday and could barely get an 8 inch group. This was after mounts were tightened, stock on and off and the bore cleaned out.

    Today he bought some RWS ammo and got nearer a 2.5 inch group although one shot from 9 was about 2 inch wide of centre. This still doesnt seem tight enough and yet it seems to suggest the ammo was a problem.

    The real problem comes next, the price of ammo. The federal were 33, the RWS 48

    Question 1 (and 1.5) - can you expect an 8" group from bad ammo and shooting from prone is 2" ok?

    Question 2 - anyone know of other makes of 7mm ammo that isnt 48??

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    If all the variables have been checked mate then it could only either be bullet touch in the mod-if hes using one?

    Or the scope is playing up, I had a problem of this nature with my 270wsm & at almost 60 a box of ammo it got costly mate, it ended up with the scope being faulty.

    This was sorted under the lifetime guarantee & she was back on the road & shooting half inch groups within 10 days.

    Regs Lee

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    I have a rem mag and it shoots sub moa.
    but after 2 shots shes warm and after 3 forget it.
    if its not barrel warming up check its free floating.
    or check the crown hasn't got damaged.
    recoil could easily shake a cheaper scope to bits.

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    Whatever the cure turns out to be, roll your own! 8)

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    The scope is a leupold VXIII and less than a year old. I have 2 and they have been fine. I think we will try switching to one of my scopes and see.

    Robbo, how long would you leave it between pairs of shots??

    Lee, thanks mate but we did try without the mod (**** that is loud ) and that didnt seem to make a difference. It seems to be free floating but a strip down is in order.

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    I would fire 3 then leave 4-5 mins with the bolt back.
    if its moderated you may have to wait longer for the heat to dissipate.
    check the crown for chips.

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    Can you please give more detail about the rifle?

    Did your friend buy it second hand?

    What make is it?

    Has it been modyfied or is it out of the box?

    I have had 4 x 7mm Mags and all have shot well (3 Remi's and a Sako 75).

    I currently have a Remi XCR which is incredibly consistently accurate but when I first got it it was doing around 1.5 to 2". Then took it to Mike Norris and he noticed straight away the crown was oval shaped. He re-crowned it and it made an unbelievable difference.

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    x bolt

    Its a brand new Browing X bolt although it has been screw cut, I believe by Border Barrels.

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    I am assuming you are shooting from a steady position i.e. from a bench with rear bag etc?

    If this is the case you could still get 2.5" groups with factory. What would be a concern for me is the 8/9" groups as that isn't satisfactory and would suggest there is something not right.

    The only way to test properly is to forget the factory ammo and reload and from a steady position i.e. from a bench making sure you have a rear bag and either a front rest or off a bi-pod.

    If it has been screw cut by Border I would think they would re-crown it anyway after cutting it so I am assuming this is not the issue either.

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    Ahhhh one must never assume as it makes an Ass out of U and Me.

    Question 1 (and 1.5) - can you expect an 8" group from bad ammo and shooting from prone is 2" ok?
    Answer 1 = yes absolutely if the ammo and barrel do not like one another group size can be surprisingly large

    Answer 1.5 = 2" prone groups just using a front rest with iron sights is about acceptable, with a front rest and scope NO. 1 1/2" would be the maximum I would grudgingly accept and then I would limit shots to 175 yards max.

    Question 2 - anyone know of other makes of 7mm ammo that isnt 48??
    Answer 2, = Sorry I do not know the prices of factory ammo in 7mm RM. However it does beg the question why not check the price of ammunition before buying the rifle and if the price is too much why not choose a cheaper calibre and chambering? Due to the larger powder charge Magnum ammo WILL BE MORE EXPENSIVE then add in the magnumistus factor and the price takes another hike.

    I have a rifle in .270 Winchester that I thoguht was a lemon as I could not get it to group acceptably I tried the factory ammo I had on hand, Norma and RWS with both 130 & 150 grain bullets to no avail and also several handloads that worked well in other .270 rifles and abotu 2"-3" was the best i could get. I brought soem new Speer nitrex ammo which was awful as it gave 6" groups then I picked up a box of Federal Fusion 150 grain ammunition and voila groups hovering around MOA.

    They do 7mm RM with a 150 grain bullet in the Fusion line up. if you can get a box I would try it as it seem to ahve a reputation for being accurate in a lot of different rifles otherwise it's an handload project.

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