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Thread: Meopta Turret Cap.

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    Meopta Turret Cap.

    Hiya, looking for a turret cap or two.... for my 7x50 Meopta...already been on to luck with them at all...

    Cash waiting..

    If you have one ( or two) please PM me..

    Thanks guys..

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    Try an email they might send you a couple can only be worth a try

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    Hi Davie, Tried all that..the importers are Marchwood, as good as a chocolate fireguard mate...

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    will other caps fit?
    can you measure the diameter and count the threads for a given length

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    Meopta Windage & Elevation Caps

    US postage only but i can give you an address in the US if you get desperate, I will be there end of august and can bring back for you


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    WOW !!! What a great bunch of guys on SD...Firstly...Peter..Thankyou so much mate for the offer...I really do appreciate it..I'm in the US ( California) in Sept mate...and might just get a couple when i'm over...

    Bewsher, You are a gent mate...really appreciated..Thankyou...But,I have tried a few others and they dont fit, they are all smaller...

    Davie...Guess what ?...tried emailing Meopta again after you answered my this great email back from them...

    Thank you for the email.
    Please send me your complete mailing address and I will have a replacement turret cap sent to you in the first week of August (Meopta will be closed for two weeks starting the 21st).


    So guys, looks like i'm sorted....

    If you ever need anything in the future and I can help...just ask away...

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    The manufacturer most times have fantastic customer service a quick e mail is all it takes

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    I tried with them earlier this month, said to get onto Marchwood...they said at least 6weeks delivery...IF they could source, second time lucky...mibbes just got a good sales agent...

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    Just had a delivery from Meopta, they sent me a turret cap free of charge, along with their new catalogue.......GREAT service from them..

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