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Thread: latest project damascus knife

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    latest project damascus knife

    took a rams horn from cumbria ,a knife blank from amazon,put them together and shaped the handle.layered the horn with beeswax and polished n polished some more.pleased with the result
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    well done mate keep it up,atb doug, five times nowive read the manual
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    sorry doug but knife makers make kniveswhen i go out in august n september n november opefully il ave some more grassed deer to photo till then its make sticks n make knives and scare clay pigeons .ok really scare clay pigeons

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    That's a beautiful blade ! Do you sell any of your knives or is it more of an advanced hobby ? I would definitely be interested in buying one from you , and yes , I'd be prepared to pay for that amount of handwork .


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    just an advanced hobby ,keeps me off street corners according to the missus.its something i enjoy doing but have never thought of selling them.i enjoy matching the blade to the handle and shaping to make the balance right so it fits my hand.thanks for the compliment

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    The complement is well deserved . I've seen custom knives ( read expensive ) that weren't as well executed as yours .......... and I'd still buy one off you .

    While we're talking knives , I've been thinking about getting a young friend ( of Scottish descent ) a nice Dirk . Anyone have some suggestions for quality knife makers who make traditional Dirks ?

    Thanks in advance AB

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    digger,dugster or juttle off here,or alan wood theres a post on p2 of the equipment forum where the same question was asked and people have listed their suggestions atb

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    Hi there

    I think should fit the bill - certainly look nice


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    tozzybum, that is a good looking knife! It has to make eyes pop when it is drawn from its sheath.

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    Thanks for the contacts .


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