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Thread: nice Muntjac cull buck

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    nice Muntjac cull buck

    Decided to go over to one of my permissions this evening, I havn't been been out for a couple of month's due to being very busy at work, so I was keen to get into the wood. After driving the 30 mins, and a quick chat to the keeper, I set off for the high seat, accompanied by Quill, my GWP bitch, we stalked to the seat I had intended to sit in, but as I scanned the ride's I decided another seat might be a better option, so we stalked on, at the seat all looked good, so we got settled, Quill lay at the foot of the seat, I let things settle for 15mins, then had a squeak on the cherrywood, all was quite in the wood, a light sw breeze, I started to hand roll a cigarette, but before I could do that I spotted two Muntjac making there way toward me, just inside the wood, I quickly swapped tobacco for the Sako .308 and followed the buck as it made it's way towards me, still twenty yards inside the wood, sometimes obscured by the thick cover you would expect at this time of year, as it got to about Seventy yards he came into full view, broadside, the doe some ten to fifteen yards behind him. I sent the 129grain Sako bullet, the shot was good, the buck ran forward into the wood, the doe disappeared back, after a few minuets I went to find him, blood at the shot site, Quill quickly found the sent and followed him up, fifteen yards away he lay in thick cover, I don't think I would have found him without her, she was dragging him out by his front foot, great, I recovered the buck to the seat and inspected him, perfect, the shot had found his heart and he was in great condition, mission accomplished, back to the truck, all inside an hour, happy days.
    I will post the picky when I've figured out how to on the new window's 8.1 laptop.

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    very nice, makes it all worth while

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