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Thread: When is SOLD not sold?

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    When is SOLD not sold?

    I agreed to buy a pair of used trousers from a member on here and we swapped payment details instantly then several hours later i got a PM to say someone else had purchased them after our contract had been agreed... Jolly underhand
    What do you think?
    This is what i would consider as SOLD....

    85 posted is fine RD. I can post them tomorrow, or if you'd like me to give them a quick wash (they're not grubby but probably haven't been washed since I last wore them) give me a day or so as they're not the quickest to dry..... Which would you prefer?

    payment to PayPal

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    I forwarded my address etc at 8.30am and at 12.45am i recieved this PM....

    "Re: Harkila
    Sorry Alex, had several people want these this morning one of whom paid before you.....



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    Probably a good idea to remove the guys paypal email mate! or the Nigerians will be all over it.

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    Not Good RD I think he new you were Scottish lol Racism

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    Also worth mentioning you response red dot, and how you only wanted to post cash in the post on Monday, no thanks, too much to go wrong, cash never shows, then what? Sorry, I asked you for payment by paypal, you didn't agree to my terms of sale, and in the hour plus it took you to not respond to my offer despite being online the whole time I had numerous emails from other people offering to transfer money by PayPal straight away. Sale is not complete until money has changed hands, first to pay wins.
    Thanks for this, actually really glad I didnt sell them to you if this is what I could expect. You're just annoyed as after insulting me in the thread referring to me being fat you then went on to publicly announce that you were the successful buyer, jumping the gun somewhat. Sour grapes. Grow up.
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