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Thread: Anyone had dealings

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    Anyone had dealings

    Hi all

    Mainly for Norfolk/Suffolk stalkers really.

    Has anyone had dealings with Norfolk Wild Meats

    Post or PM, dont mind



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    I seem to remember someone plugging it on here a while back but can't find it in any search I do.
    It was a posh looking website too. Haven't heard anything else though which is strange as I live pretty close.

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    Im not sure "whats to do " stone, thats why I thought I would ask.

    I spoke to them this morning and did not really get anywhere so it got me to thinking

    I did wonder if you had any info MS but I dont think you know anymore than I


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    I just remembered! (strongbow helps but it is temporary!)
    He goes by the name of his company and has a total of 6 posts on here.
    He promoted his business and posh website a while back and then proceeded to talk a load of Bollox about Wild Game Handling which I couldn't help myself but correct him about!
    Judge for yourself:

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    thats the first time I have read that post, he hasn't a clue what he's talking about..
    Its idiots like that,that get others hauled over the coals by Environmental Health..

    If those are the regulations that he conducts his business by, then it would not come as a suprise if he is not in business but at Her Majesty's pleasure.


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    Am I right in thinking it is one of the lads from Hockham Deer Management who runs that company or not?

    Seem to remember chatting to him about it at last years Midland Gamefair on the Hockham stand.


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    I have just too looked at the historic posts & can certify that the bloke needs help, its pretty basic stuff if you just look at the wild game guide.

    Regs Lee

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    Thanks to all who posted and PM'd

    I have heard enough to put me in the opposite direction

    Thanks again


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