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Thread: What caliber for pigs(feral in Australia)

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    What caliber for pigs(feral in Australia)

    Hi, just curious what caliber does everyone use for hunting pigs?
    Im in Australia and popular calibers are 243,308,270,30-30.
    Cheers. Wes

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    Wot, no 303??!!
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Not sure about what is used now. But in the mid to late 50's it was Rule 303. It just was most farmers had them
    as you could purchase a unused smle for 10.50 Pounds or a used one for 8.50 the Australian government Had bulk ammo after they decided to go rimless. They used to give that ammunition to farmers in cartons, I still have 2 boxes 0f 32 rounds each dated 25th Nov. 1957 so you can understand a lot of feral pigs and dogs were hit by rule 303.

    I do talk to a lot of hunters that come to the High country and what I see is 308 30.06 and the odd 270. I own a couple of Parker Hale custom In 303 and I know that there is a lot of Smle's in the area that are still used by the locals

    For myself I have used 303 for pigs in the 60's tried 30.06 and 308 But when I got My first Parker Hale custom no 4 I was so happy with the results at 100 yards, it would always shoot a sub 1.1/2 group and that was with Iron Sights in those days. I am a Parker Hale fan and I can say truly. I will not ever sell my Parker Hale No 4 Not even for $10.000.00.

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    I don't go hunting for pigs any more but I still shoot my fair share when they cross my path. I usually have a 270win or a 30 30 on the quad or in the ute so this is what I mostly use. I find either adequate for our largest pigs. I did carry a 22 250 a fair bit, but never found it as effective or humane on animals (pigs, goats & deer) over about 50 kgs. Great chambering for dogs, but so is the 270. As shooting pigs is really just pest control for me, I like a rifle to be fitted with a scope with a large field of view or good aperture sights for swinging onto running animals. The longest I shoot at pigs these days is !70m, this is the distance from my verandah to a dam where pigs regularly come to drink ( its not sporting or hunting is it?) I have a rifle safe just inside the door so get to "test" all manner of calibers on them in bench rest type conditions. It's hard to beat the 270 on pigs IMO.

    Cheers Sharkey

    I should add that I'd love a custom 303 built on a martini as my all round go too stalking/hunting rifle for all the deer species, pigs & goats. No flies on the venerable 303 when looking for something with a bit of nostalgia.
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    Yes the 303 is still going strong! One will eventually end up in my cabinet....... When the hand brake gives the nod!
    My favourite rifle is a pre 81 MLR 243 with a leupold 1x4 x20 hog plex. I really wanted one in 308 or 270 but this one came up at the right price so I can live with that. I should rephrase that to my favourite pig gun.
    My favorite rifle is my BSA in 243 which Brithunter dated to approx 1959 and the regent model,that I paid $350 for and is still in pretty good condition. Hmm I do like the 243 caliber.
    Come to think of it I really have a hard time deciding between the BSA and my 22 hornet which is a 90 model cz527 model fox( twin triggers)

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    when the handbrake gives the nod!! ,thats a cracker

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    if you want to kill them with venom get a 375 holland and holland magnum

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    Only thing on my verandah is bl**dy tree rats!

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    Being Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, ......... a good 30-06 is hard to improve on pigs of any size. With a good Meopta 1,7-10x42 or 2-8x42 this is perfect for any situation. Driven, highseat or from the kitchendoor on the lawn. A 30-06 is hard to improve on any game. Deer, Antelope, Moose, Bear, ......... A strong, accurate, light, easy to use 30-06 should be in any hunters gunsafe.
    308,7x64,270, will also be very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glen13 View Post
    Only thing on my verandah is bl**dy tree rats!
    You might appreciate this then. "In the house paddock", I keep my pet Persian fallow, Mollucan rusa & antelope. Non are bottle raised but if I feed them some grain at night & can usually get close enough to pat them. When its cold at night like now (-2C last Friday & Sat night) the antelope sleep under the cabin & when its 40C in summer its the persians favourite place to stay cool, its pretty interesting to have a couple of big persian bucks purring away like kittens under the floor. LOL

    I do have a couple of 375 wby's (they started out as H&H) & when I use the 260 grn ballistic tips I have hoarded it can be quite "spectacular" on large pigs. Through most of the 90's, a 30 06 was my go to rifle. I had it sighted in with 180 grn ballistic tips for pigs & small deer like fallow & chital & used 180 grn Barnes X's on large deer without adjusting the scope (grouped within an inch at 100m). If I could only have one rifle it would be a 30 06, but fortunately I still can choose to have as many as I like, so I can have have some just for specific tasks instead of a one size fits all approach. To be honest, I'd struggle if I was restricted to just a few firearms. How many golfers have just two clubs & a putter? There is a greater justification to have more firearms than golf clubs IMO.

    Maybe I should also talk about the worst choice I've made to shoot pigs with, a 338 win mag with 250 grn woodlieghs. The caliber is great but the pills are just too hard for pigs, many shots would just pencil through & follow up shots were the norm. I shot the largest boar I've ever seen with this set up & it took a "texas heart shot" to stop after being lunged when the first slipped through just behind the leg (a 30 30 would have stopped him with the first). I don't use these hard pills anymore & just use 225 grn Barnes X's in one rifle & 275 grn speer RN in another which also wears a low power QD scope & good express sights (which I use often on this rifle). Neither 338 gets used much on pigs though, it's too much gun.

    Cheers Sharkey

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