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Thread: Are variable power scopes worth having?

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    Are variable power scopes worth having?

    I have a problem....when I close my eyes I see an image of a Swarovski Z6 2.5-15x56BT scope. I see it on my gun, replacing a perfectly adequate swaro 8x56. I imagine lining the scope up on a beast , then clicking the ballistic turret(it clicks in my dream) for a 225 yard shot , before zooming up to 12xpower and placing the crosshair on a half inch tuft of hair that neatly marks the perfect heart shot. BANG, my eyes open and my brain kicks into action and reminds me that Iíve never had a problem with the 8x56 plus it cost 3 times less than the Z6Ö.bugger!

    So, gentlemen, do I stick with what Iíve got or trade it in for the apple of my eye?


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    If you can afford it, want it and don't have any higher priority needs, then buy the thing. You aren't getting any younger......

    Just make sure you get the illuminated version.

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    Live the Dream!
    Oh, and definitely get an illuminated one!

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    TBH I swaped my 8x56 S&B for a 6-24 x 50 IR IOR scope with target turrets. Whilst it is a great scope if v heavy I cant see me shooting any more deer with that than with my 8x56 but what it does do is help me print much tighter groups on paper!!

    I have a S&B 6x42 on my other rifle and to be honest it is good enough for any stalking I do.



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    If it were me i would do it we only live once i shoot a vari Swarovski and love it. Zeroing in is a breeze up to 200mtrs and this helps keeping the groups tight as has been said . I don't use the zoom to often leaving the scope set mainly at 7x . But there have been one or two occasions were i have been able to set my self up and take that real long shot that needs extra zoom to pull off.

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    I have a Z6i 3-18x50 BT's IR, all the whistles and bells. I have it on my 260rem just now, though it will live on my 22/250 if the variation ever turns up.

    No doubt it is a fantastic scope, particularly for a fox rifle.

    To be honest, I think it is too busy for a deer rifle used under normal (ie 200m) ranges. I set the paralax for 150m, the mag at 8x, focus the reticule and then leave it alone. Once I get the 22/250, the Z6 is going on that and the Swaro PF 8x50 is going back on the 260. I see no need for all the extra's on a deer rifle.

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    Just do it, if you have the funds available, just do it, hence the reason I have a PM2 3-12x50 and a PM2 5-25x56.............


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    The way scope prices are now, especially Swarovski, I would save the money and stick with the 8x56, its what you know, the Z6i wont enable you to shoot any more beasties.

    a 6x42 served me well for years, even on the hill, I only changed to a 1.5-6x42 but this was when scopes were a lot cheaper and was an all rounder inc woodland stalking. Thankfully the second hand market brings some bargains now and again and there are savings to be made.


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    Scots pine go and buy one you'll not be disappointed ,I have two of them which replaced two fixed power swarovski's haven't looked in any other direction since .

    Always remember you can't take the cash with you theres no pockets in a shroud ,this ain't a rehearsal its a one way trip .

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    I wish I'd got one last year from Macleod's. £1275 at the time and Greggor warned me that the price was going to go through the roof.

    I know deep down I don't need it but it would make shifting point of impact very simple plus target shooting more fun. I do plenty of night shooting so regularly flip from a 100yrd zreo to a 200yrd zero. The BT will make this a cinch. The turrets not too bulky either which helps as the gun spends most of the day on my back.

    Do any other scope manufacturers do a ballistic turret?


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