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    Just wondering if anyone has a source for .17 bullets at the moment? Cant get hold of any up this neck of the woods.

    Also if any one has had much success reloading for the .17 Hornet, any pointers re powder, etc would be much appreciated.

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    reloading solutions has got some today mate

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    Mark@mbb has a stash he's selling, but you would need to get transport sorted.
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    Just ordered 200 v-max 20gr from Reloading solutions today. Just at the early stages of reloading for .17 hornet and it seems Lil' Gun, RL7 and N120 are the powders to play with, especially Lil' Gun with 10gr being where I have got to with 20gr bullets so far.

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    How are folk getting on with their .17s? Still not got hold of components yet (my own fault). But with the winter nights drawing in definately looking to get going now. Still loving the wee round, does just as I'd hoped.

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    Got email from Bushwear the other day . They have .17 Hornady Vmax 20gr on their website 18 per 100 saving you 6 .


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    What type of .17, Fireball by any chance if so could assist with reloading data.


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