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Thread: Is the Savage Axis XP Camo good?

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    Is the Savage Axis XP Camo good?

    I know its cheap, and I know it looks cheap, but is the Savage Axis XP Camo any good?

    When you buy a cheap rifle there should be room for a trigger job and a decent scope.

    So are there something wrong with the rifles, or is it actually pretty good?

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    One of my friends bought one in .308 (not camo though) at Tommerup Jagt of Fiskeri when it was on special offer earlier this year. It's not a bad rifle at all, though the trigger could be better. A great bit of kit for the price (2000kr) though.

    I wish I'd got one at the same time!

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    Ok thanks for info and HEJ from another dane

    Think ill go for it. I can get the camo model in 308Win with Astro 2,5-10x50 illuminated for 4500kr.

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    A surgeon friend of mine bought a 7mm-08 for his sons and bad weather. Sub moa with Federal Classic.
    Paid $300 USD

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