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    Despite recently getting his first fallow subsequent trips for basil have only resulted in a handful of roe does and although he was pleased at taking some nice deer including a nice double on one particular outing it was actually fallow he was after.

    Friday afternoon was agreed for our next visit and this time saw us heading up to some high ground that basil hadnt stalked before.
    Within minutes of our arrival seven fallow were seen lying in a gulley soaking up the last of the suns warming rays and in a flash basil was kitted up and ready for the off.

    Off you go then i said and basil didnt need telling twice and within a couple of minutes of carefull stalking/crawling that the old master ninja wayne davies himself would of been proud of and he had reached his destination.

    Overlooking the fallow from a nice safe vantage point basil was soon behind the scope and selecting a young animal from the group at a distance of about 130 yards.
    The resulting thump reasured us both that the 100 grain soft point had found its mark.

    Back in the truck and we were off to another patch were on a couple of occasions a young fallow had been spotted with a severe limp and despite 3 or 4 sightings no shot had been possible.
    The light was faiding fast when into view came the aformentioned fallow looking rather sorry for itself and its body weight and coat had definately deteeriated since my last sighting of it.

    Rifle at the ready from the comfort of the highseat i quikly took aim and the 30.06 did its job instantly grassing the yearling.

    On closser inspection the deer was not light ginger as first thought but was infact pure white with a somewhat neglected coat.

    Glad at putting the poor wee lass out of her missery i couldnt help but feel a little remorse as i had seen this deer being born and wondered what its fate would be due to its light colour.

    Favoured by poachers the white deer can have a hard time of it around here and never did i think that i would be the one to end her days.

    [I must be getting softer in my old age ]

    Here she is

    The leg had been severed just below the joint but had infact healed quite nicely but due to the recent bad weather was obviusly unable to maintain its condition and its ribs could clearly be felt.

    All in all a good day with some mixed emotions , a cracking stalk by basil and a beaming smile and on my part a touch of sadness at the fairwell to a deer i had seen taking its first steps but as they say thats stalking for you and every day is different.

    Rick o shea

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    It was certainly a memorable stalk be it a short one. I did wonder if i would make it to a good vantage point without being spotted and spooking the group of fallow below me. It`s a great feeling when it all comes together.
    As regards the white doe Rick, yes it`s a great shame that she was in such a poor condition after suffering such an appalling injury.
    I personally think you should be feeling a certain satisfaction because you were in the right place at the right time and her suffering has ended.
    Many thanks for another successful afternoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit Country
    Nice scope Basil!
    Thankyou BC. 8)

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    A nice write up and pictures nice to see you and basil
    out and about . pete .

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