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Thread: Left handed heym bolt action rifle - model sr20 - .375 h & h

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    Left handed heym bolt action rifle - model sr20 - .375 h & h

    This superb left handed HEYM SR20 is the perfect rifle for Africa. It is chambered in the versatile .375 Holland and Holland belted magnum and is capable of taking any of the Big Five, The rifle has a well figured classic stock with cheek piece. The barrel has classic open sights and is complimented by having Apel Swing Off Mounts fitted. There is a classic barrel band for sling attachment. The trigger is as standard on Heym rifles, crisp and light and precise in operation. A superb example of a big game rifle for the left handed shot which is in lovely condition.

    The rifle is priced at 950 and if required there is a quantity of quality ammunition suitable for Africa available at additional cost if required. If you are interested and want any further information please ask.
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    I want what a top piece of kit. Fraser if you have not sold it by March next year I will take it and put it in storage with an RFD until I return to the Uk. No funds right now as I have just bought the Beretta A400 xplor in 28 gauge. Good luck in the meantime.

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    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your interest, it is a nice piece of kit and hopefully will soon be sold, good luck mate

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