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    New Ground

    Now the game shooting seasons over i thought i`d leave it a further couple of weeks for things to settle down before i visited the new piece of ground.
    I was only given the permission October last year but was immediately made aware that i`d be unable to walk and shoot the ground until this year.
    Well last Thursday afternoon was my first visit during the last two hours of light. I was scanning around looking for movement in front of me when i looked to my left along the hedge line only to notice a Muntjac not 40 yards away.
    The gun was on the sticks, scope caps popped off and the Muntjac was off in the direction it came.
    I followed its direction only to notice another approximately 200 yards away walking up the field alongside the game cover strip towards me.
    It crossed the field heading towards the same cover as the last one about 90 yards away in front of me.
    I fired and appeared to miss the Doe, it increased its walk rate and disappeared into the cover.
    I checked the area just in case and to make sure it was a miss.
    Friday morning i went back and seen nothing.
    Yesterday morning i was at the same position at 6.45 only to catch the sighting of the arse end of a Muntjac moving into cover away from the Bird feeder in the hedge line. I was too late..
    So yesterday afternoon i set up postion and waited to see if any return
    to the same feeder. At 5.15 one left the cover and started to move up the hedge line. It soon appeared that this Muntjac was limping pretty badly so at 80 yards i shot the first Munty Doe off the new ground.

    Position and hit..

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    Was this the same Muntjac you shot at the other night? I would have thought if you had hit the leg it would have gone to ground for a couple of days?

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    Unfortunately Deerman i`m 99.9% sure this was the same one i shot at Thursday afternoon.
    As i examined the Muntjac in limited light i immediately noticed the fresh wound on its foreleg which pissed me off no end.
    The only explanation i can think of is that the bullet must of clipped some of the Hawthorn in the hedge line when it left the moderator?
    I was standing on the opposite side of the hedge to the Muntjac when i took the shot.

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    Hunter v

    Good result in the end.
    Very nice setup what calibre is that ???

    ATB Steve

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