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Thread: 300 Weatherby Cases and Dies

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    300 Weatherby Cases and Dies

    I'm looking for a set of dies and some cases for 300 Weatherby. I'd prefer Weatherby cases (by Norma) and RCBS or Redding dies, but anything considered.

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    Did You have a look at the Midway USA site.
    USD 35,00.......and then its new.

    also reloading 0.300

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    If it is of any use to you Midway UK have everything you need.
    Weatherby Stamped Brass is 60 for 20, though they show Nosler Brass cheaper and i suspect they are both Norma manufactured and the Nosler comes ready prepared.
    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks for the replies. I've used Midway before and they've been very efficient, but I'm trying to keep the cost down if possible. I bought the rifle quite cheaply, so a second-hand set of dies and some old cases would get it running for now. Norma claim MOA levels of accuracy with the Weatherby factory ammunition they load, I'm curious to see what I get with reloads but I don't want any major investments too early.

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