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Thread: Skinning - The Golf Ball Method

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    Skinning - The Golf Ball Method

    Hi All

    In an aim to provide an insight into the US Hunting press I have scanned a few of the recent articels I found of interest and amusement and attached for your enjoyment.

    The first "The Golf Ball Method" is a little different but none the less original way to overcome the skinning of large deer.

    Not quite me but I thought you might like or find amusing.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Skinning golf ball method.pdf  

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    Nothing new there. Using a truck is a little extreme but the ball lets the cable grip. A hand winch is suitable. Look on YouTube for David Stretton skinning cradle, sure you will find something.

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    This NZ video has just been uploaded to You Tube where they do exactly that as a test. Their use of the word "perfect" is fairly loose but for your interest it shows it in action anyway.

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    The idea is sound and similar to the winches used in abattoirs. The execution is poor - dropping the skinned carcase on a dirty tarpaulin where the external hair just lay.

    Hang it up or something.

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    With roe, it doesn't take that long just using a knife and your fist. The most time is taken sorting the initial incisions on the back and front legs, then it's straightforward.

    I enjoy taking my time doing it anyway, so there is no flesh left on the hide at all.

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    Do a search for air skinning

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