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Thread: Stirling .17 HMR r/h stainless rifle....

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    Stirling .17 HMR r/h stainless rifle....

    REMOVED FROM SALE****I am prospecting here..i was gifted a brand new Stirling model 1700 stainless steel .17 HMR recently. And as much as i appreciate that i am thinking about selling it and my shotgun to put the proceeds towards a centrefire...

    the history of this rifle....I have had it since the end of january, when I got it I put swivel studs on it straight away as I use a bipod for some of my shooting. I took it out to zero but the wind was too blustery on the first day and I ended up going home. The next day I took it out after the first couple of shots at an A4 target went wide, I turned the mounts round on my rifle [have had this before when the scope cross hairs are set at the midpoint - at this range the bullet should strike the target area], anyway turned the mounts around and few shots and it was zeroed. It felt a bit awkward as it is a right handed rifle and I am a lefty. The stock drops quite a bit which I am not so keen on either.

    I have now aquired more land and after discussing it with shooting friends am looking to perhaps get a centrefire, as such I am looking to see what interest there is in this rifle. It would be the rifle only, the scope is mine and the moderator is already spoken for if I go down this route. The only reference to the rifle that i can find is through the popular Uk gun trading site. This lists the standard rifle at 320 and the stainless at 390 [i think].

    I would be looking for around 300 for the rifle, I would prefer F2F as I dont know a lot about RFD transfers etc, obviously I will try to sort out whatever is ok. PM me for any other details etc....if I have forgotten anything at all i will edit this posting...i shall post the shotgun here as well...

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    will reduce to 275 for it....any lower and i think i will be entering the range that an RFD would give me [although i could be wrong]


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    shame I didnt see your add earlier

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