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Thread: Which .22lr Moderator

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    Which .22lr Moderator

    Hi folks,

    Looking to pick the collective SD brain.

    What is considered the best of the .22lr mods these days? Ruag looks good as small and light so could use it on running boar. Worry about the sound reduction though.

    Any thoughts? What's everybody using currently?



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    .22lr? Just buy a SAK. 30 and be done. You'll be using it at night as it is......

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    Agree on the SAK for value. The ATEC rimfire mod is very nice though. Sorry, 22LR for running boar?
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    +1 for the Sak great value for money.

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    +1 sak no need for owt else 30quid,

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    For info Bruce Potts did a big article on .22lr mods in ST so a search might find it.

    I do have a copy so could PDF IT.


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    I have an ATEC rimfire that is really good. I think is was about 52 which is a fare bit more than the SAK but, having owned a SAK, I would say that the ATEC has the edge. Not convinced its 22 more 'edge' though.


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    I have a sako on my .22 Annie not much different than the sak apart from the diameter walshy

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    +1 on the SAK. Did also try an ASE ultra but far too heavy and no real change in perfomance with the ammo that was using


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    Parker hale does the job as well if not better than anything else out there

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