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Thread: Man v Rangefinder

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    Man v Rangefinder

    Was out with the rifle the other night and also took the rangefinder. When picking a spot around my normal shooting range and estimating the distance the results were quite similar +/- 15-20 yds normally. When picking more distant objects 250yds + the results were somewhat surprising. Distances over a rolling hay field had some major differences +/- 100yds. Even with a telegraph pole to judge size it didn't seem to make any difference. Maybe just not used to judging these longer distances
    How accurate are you to your rangefinder at various distances?

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    Don,t have a range finder, why would you use one under 250yds,

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    Man v Rangefinder

    Just for interest.
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    Ive got range finding binos so if I'm guesstimating/ playing I just push the button and double check,no harm in checking walshy

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    Are your guesstimates usually quite accurate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phitt View Post
    Are your guesstimates usually quite accurate?
    Sometimes yeah other times I'm well out,at dusk things seem further away but like you said the further the object the +/-I'm out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Don,t have a range finder, why would you use one under 250yds,
    Because you're shooting .22lr or .22wmr or .17hmr or air rifle or....
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I look at an object and guess the distance to itv.I then use the rangefinder to find the exact distance,at short distances I am good . I find the more practice using this method the better I become at judging the correct distance. Once on the hill in Scotland I found some hinds ,thinking they were too far away for a shot ,using the rangefinder found they we're at a shootable distance , they a useful bit of kit .


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    Not got a range finder but I can see there use I have been out with others who have them and its quite funny how wrong you can be that said I shoot most of my deer at 100 yards so no real need for one.

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    We used to run a monthly distance estimating competition on the research site I worked on in South Africa. The aim was to work out the average error at different distances and to determine whether each person had consistent error, so it could then be controlled for in the data we were collecting.

    In the end we abandoned it: people are generally utterly hopeless at distances above 100m. Not only does the error increase enormously (people were very often out by +/- 250 metres at 500m), but the error is not consistent: I could be guessing 20% short today, but 40% long the next day.

    This was with people who were making distance estimates tens of times a day, and routinely truthing them against tape measures or range finders.

    The only thing that helped was being familiar with known distances between known landmarks and even then, the error was still about 25%.

    I would happily have a range finder to use to lear all the obvious landmarks on my ground - though Google Earth works prertty well too.

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