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Thread: Hi from Aberdeenshire!

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    Hi from Aberdeenshire!

    Hi all,
    Just wanted to declare my presence - have been lurking behind the scenes on here for some time now.
    Brand new to deer stalking, but keen to learn.
    I've decided to start with a DSC1 with Moray Outfitting (this coming weekend) to get me started with the essentials. I hope they have patience!
    Some really helpful (and to be fair, some not so helpful!) advice on here.
    Being a bit thick with the season dates, some nuggets I got from this site were- the 'english girls shop in H n' M' to help remember english Hind season November to March, 'english stags are in Alcoholics Anonymous' - August to April, and 'big scots girls for Valentines' for the large species hind season ending the day after valentines day, and in my mind I have the roe does arriving a couple of weeks late for the party.....
    So much easier to 'make it stick'.

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    Welcome to the forum - and look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

    Sounds like you have the seasons 'in the bag'

    Patience is our middle name! How many times do I have to tell you
    Stalking, Courses, Gear - Moray Outfiiting Website here - Welcome
    BASC Approved Trainer & Assessor. Cairngorm National Park Authority Approved Supplier. Supported by Sauer Arms
    See you at the Stalking Fair, Scone & Moy 2017

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    Welcome to thre site, powerband Andy will keep you right on the DSC 1.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi John - I read on one of the threads that you had ground available north of Inverness. Is that still the case?
    Clearly not wanting to get ahead of myself here, but had heard good things and wondered if this was still available.

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    Hi Doug -
    Lancs? Anywhere near the Ribble valley?
    The 'leader of the opposition' comes from around there and I'm a regular in those parts visiting the in-laws. Alcohol usually gets me through, but stalking might be healthier!

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    Welcome, you've made a good choice with Moray Stalking School, I'm sure you'll enjoy your course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzking View Post
    Welcome, you've made a good choice with Moray Stalking School, I'm sure you'll enjoy your course.
    +1, John & Andy will set you on the right track. Enjoy the "uprated" firing point (that is if Andy has managed to finish the refurb today )


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    Absolutely fantastic experience with the guys at Aberlour. A great setup, very practical, and a huge depth of experience to learn from.
    What a superb DSC1 - recommend this to you all.

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