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Thread: Hi from suffolk

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    Hi from suffolk

    Hi all,
    Just a quick introduction . I've been a keen shot ever since I was a little lad , started on a catapult progressed through the ranks air guns, shotguns , rim fires and centre fires .I like all aspects of shooting including beating and picking up as well as vermin control. As for stalking I only take the occasional munty for my larder but love being out in the high seat and having a nice quiet stroll around. My other passion is fox control and I true and combine the two when I'm out. I love watching deer just as much as shooting them , but the fox normally isn't so lucky. I shoot a .22-250 tikka t3 and find this does the job well , but all my shots are at close distance on muntys , I don't take chances I stalk in close or leave for another day. That's enough mumbling, I find this site very educational and have learnt a lot since viewing ,

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    Welcome to the SD amily from a fellow Suffolk stalker.GS

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    Welcome from another suffolkian......where abouts are you?
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    +1 welcome from yet another Suffolk res bazil

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    Hi and welcome, I am near Suffolk

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    And another welcome from nearby!

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    HI Suffolkboh
    A warm welcome from St Helens in the North West, lovely part of the country your in, I have had some of the best stalking and good times over your way, as I do a lot of stalking with a good mate of mine from Lakenheath, I have family who live in Feltwell so I think I am classed as a local now, after being a regular visitor for many years.


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    Welcome to thre site,

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