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Thread: Glasgow binocular repair.

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    Glasgow binocular repair.

    I sent a very well used pair of zeiss dialyt 7x42b binoculars to the shop in Glasgow, they suffered from many scratches in the ocular lens from poor cleaning over the years which affected the view greatly, well they arrived back with me 2day with two new lens and a full service and I can honestly say they are like new and rates very competitive indeed with a quick turnaround to boot, so thanks Glasgow binocular repair for restoring my dialyts to their former glory in fact I had forgot just how good these glasses are even compared to to-days top end glass they certainly hold their own brilliant......

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    +1 on Dialyt quality. Just out of interest, what was the cost?


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    Paul Burke looks after the scope repairs, they seem to recommend each others work.
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    Glad the old faithfuls are being looked after!! And poor cleaning??? Ya cheeky fecker!! Lol

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