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Thread: but seriously...

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    but seriously...

    OHHHH!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

    Sheer poetry! Gwlad, GWLAD!!!!!

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    With the ref on your side we had not got a hope. Your player falls over nobody touched him and one of ours is off. Just sour grapes cos the ref had to play with the roof off.

    Try real rugby. cumon Wigan Warriors

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    & then the fight started! 8)

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    I`m not a rugby fan nor a Wales or Scotland fan but yes, that was one of the comebacks of all time.
    Isn`t this what they used to call the home nations? Shame they`re trying to turn it into a mini european cup.

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    I blame the hooker, what an ar*e creating a penalty on the half way line AFTER being warned that the next infringement would be a card.

    I hope I never see him in a Scotland shirt again.

    The positives, the best rugby Scotland has played in years except for the last 10 minutes. Andy Robinson is going in the right direction.

    There must have been something in the water yesterday as Flannery (hooker) should have been red carded in the Irish game.

    Looks like France for the competition though.

    24-12 for the English today with an interesting pack battle.

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    Hmmm I must be missing something I see a photo with two "so called sportsmen" in usual position BIG MOUTHS WIDE OPEN AND SHOUTING now id there something imprtant happening? Huh!

    Until I moved up here I coud not have the windows open on nice weekends due to the foul mouthed so called sportsmen "playing " on the pitches on the park. There are 3 footie pitches one cricket pitch and then they moved the local footie club onto the old school grounds .......................... bloody wonderful more big/fouled mouthed "sportsmen"

    No one was allowed to complain, not one MUST HAVE FOOTBALL and the mess left along the touchlines, litter, ornage peel and more. I can imaging anyone else leaving such a mess woudl nto only be fined but arrested but for Football it's OK.

    I think the funniest thing was when the rescue Staffie I took on decided to join in and stole the ball Oh he gave it back after leadign them a merry chase but only after puncturing it.

    Funny thing is that there never was any mess and only a little bit of noise from the cricket lot ........................... and no I am not a cricket fan.

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    Brit, have you noticed the last few years, the "Yoofs" & "Chavs" cannot walk more than three paces without spitting?, I blame the footballer "Role models", on the pitch spitting contests. What they don't seem to be aware of is that behaviour is a very good method of passing TB about.

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    We do have a certain like mind when these subjects come to the fore.

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    I hadn't noticed but then I only go to town when I have too Although I do miss the income I don't miss the scumbags and the cheats/fare dodgers. For my sins I got a PSV licence and drove a bus serving Gatwick Airport and the dump that the New Town Crawley has degenerated into .

    One of the lady drivers on my roster was attacked and hospitalised whilst waiting to start the return route. She got off the bus to steetch her legs At the terminus stop outside the shops and pub on a housing estate we had to wait between 10 and 20 minutes depending on time of day before starting the journey back to the bus station in the town centre. A male nurse just jogging was jumped and his face smashed into a lamp post until he needed intensive care.

    Nice place you know and it's getting worse all the time. One part of Crawley in know and Langydesh due to all the Bangledeshi's living there. It's real name is Langley Green. Southgate is nearly all Hindus another neighbourhood is where all the Africans now live etc .

    Oh I never liked football and always thought it was a waste of time. When at School on school trips I saw England play three times. They lost all three the only one I really recall was when they played Italy at Wembley. Italy slaughtered them. Oh well time for a cuppa then out to pant more trees.

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    Least the Wales and Scotland game was a good game to watch shame about the injury to Thom Evans.... as for England......Rubbish

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