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    Hi all
    Have a ziess divari 6_24 x56 (for sale on the site) a nice scope but dont like the milldot ret too much after using finer ones before, have a chance to do a deal for a new ior 6_2450 with a nice fine reticle for no money exchange,
    Any thoughts or idea's or experience of similar matters??

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    I think it depends how you typically prefer to compensate for bullet drop i.e (i) simple hold over (ii) mil-dot reticule or (iii) dial-in using turrets. I prefer a plain reticule and either hold over or dial in. I swapped something akin to a milldot reticule for a plain reticule with dial-in turrets and to me that's simpler. Others more used to using mildots are bound to disagree. I also use a pretty flat shooting round within typical stalking distances so wouldn't get as much benefit from mildot reticule as some may at the same distances with different calibres perhaps.
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