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Thread: Second result, another fox

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    Second result, another fox

    Hi all again,

    I was again. invited out foxing on the high seat tonight, been round the farm on various high seats, thinking, that sooner or later, Charlie will cross path with me, Friday night I went in one of the woodlands, waited till late, but to no avail, someone else (that rarely goes out) went in the same spot on Saturday night and he was lucky to shoot a fox.

    So tonight, I asked to go back to the first high seat, where I was lucky the first time, farmer told me that he did leave a few pigeons on the floor, about 50 yards in front of the high seat as bait, he's such a nice fellow
    After about a hour, I started to hear the jays, going ballistic in the woodland, I thought that could only mean one thing...Charlie its coming, so started to squeak a little, every 2-3 minutes, after 15 minutes......there it is, right at the end of the wood, walking away from me, circa 130 yards, quick squeak, it on it and on, at this point I also realized that the mag was on 4.5, too late to change things now, its still walking away, safety off and the classic thud noise reached my ears, quick reload and kept looking down the scope, not moving, 4 legs up in the air, I was really pleased with the shot. Farmer was out too, waiting for a fox, he messaged me immediately, saying Well??? I was very happy to pull his leg for a bit, telling him that it was to far and left mag on 4.5, but at the end we were both very pleased with the outcome, I think he even said well done...lmao
    That was my first time, that I tried that distance, but I had the feeling, that I could safely shoot and humanely kill that fox, that by the way it was a vixen....even better.

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    Thank you

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    nice one keep it up ,nice area too,

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    well done m8,nice write up and sounds like yon farmers a sound bloke

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    well shot there is plenty showing at the minuet

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    Thank you all, we know that there is cubs around, for the moment there is to much cover, will have to be patient and wait for the right time.

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