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Thread: poor labs

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    poor labs

    I have just been to get dog food the woman that works there runs lab rescue. We often chat about dogs, countryside things in general.
    This week she asked if I knew anyone who wanted a lab puppy (no papers) then went on to relate a rather distressing tale from last weekend.
    She(jan not proper name) and her friend had been alerted to someone puppy farming.
    With a picture of a pup being sent to them by worried person who had gone to buy 12week old pup apparently the pup was in fact 17 weeks old but with the body of an 8weeker .
    jan and friend went under pretext of buyers to check it out and found 8 more pups in a sorry state one with broken leg all had sh**TS kept in dark cages flea ridden conditions ,along with several other breeds in similer conditions .
    to cut the story short they came home with all the pups which they now want homes for.

    We should all ask Where are the RSPCA in cases like this (chasing innocent keepers???)

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    if no one tells them how would they know?

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    Roedeered, you have a PM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    if no one tells them how would they know?
    who tells on keepers

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